Friday, 7 September 2012

Beliefeld- Country Park

The next leg of our trip took up to Beliefeld the home town of  Clemens and his shop Brevi Manu. Naturally we had to visit the country Park, which held lots of little surprises. As you know I am a big animal fan so had to blog some of Andrew's lovely pictures. I have never seen a Raccoon or Beaver up close. I was like one of the many kids pointing and trying to stroke them. Sad, I know.
Wild Boars are a big problem in Germany. Kind of like our cheeky city foxes. They roam round cities and parks looking for their next little snack. Clemens was quite surprised when I told him we had no wild Boars in the UK. I must find out why.
FYI The park is free admission and is funded by the one and only Dr. Oetker who is based in Beliefeld.

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