Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Jotter Study

Good evening all. Just wanted to throw a few more jotter designs into the world to see what you think. I will probably have  a collection of 6 or 7 for the year and depending on their success this will grow. They are A5 size and are all handmade in the UK from paper from a sustainable environment (of course) The paper inside is plain, non-lined.
I always hated school but always looked forward to having a fresh new jotter. The first page was always so neat and then by the end it was so scrappy. I decorated my jotters with doodles or covered them in wallpaper and gift wrap from my mum's cupboard. Who would have thought I would be designing jotters for a living. Life is funny.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Practice makes perfect

I love Friday's as they are usually quiet in my world. I can reflect on the week gone and perhaps do a little drawing and tidy up the studio.
Today I thought I would practice my photography around the house. I am quite pleased with how they turned out. My favourite is the one of my great Uncle Jo's Oil on canvas. The frame is nearly collapsing and sadly it isn't signed. He painted this with a palette knife when he was a boy. The roses are so dark and almost haunting. It's really beautiful up close.
 I also tried out a few ideas with the new products. The light wasn't great but it's nice to see things happen rather than them sitting in your head. I plan to do a full photo shoot with Jen Owens who did our wedding photography. She is very talented and knows the kind of photographs I would like on my website.
The gift wrap is now on the website and is available for all stockists. Jotters and gift tags will follow shortly. Perhaps maybe even an online shop..........

Have a lovely weekend folks. Long walk for us tomorrow morning along the sea cliffs of Filey. Can't wait!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Paperworld in Frankfurt

Here are some images kindly taken by Clemens at Paperworld. Seeing Dear Prudence so beautifully presented makes me feel so proud. I only wish I could have been there myself. To be beside O check graphics and being represented by someone who believes in you work and your goals is to good to be true. 
I really love the long tables and desk lamps. It gives the space a real feeling of a room you can walk round freely and take everything in. It has given me food for thought on how I might re-create my stand for Pulse. It's going to be a very busy February gaining new customers in new countries, finding more efficient ways to handle big orders, getting an online shop and of course planning exciting photo shoots with the new products. List time!!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


This week I have been running up and down my stairs answering the door to many a delivery of a fresh batch of cards, gift wrap and gift tags. I don't think my little studio will be able to hold all this new stock. I just have to be organized and clearing my desk would be a good start.

 I think I have to prepare myself as Dear prudence did extremely well at Paperworld in Frankfurt. Thanks to my amazing agent in Germany, Clemens has opened so many doors to an international market including countries like France, Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and the USA. It feels a little strange to have all these new customers but to have not been at the show myself. However I have realized that for my business to grow I can't do everything myself. I have to learn to delegate. I may need a few interns to help out in certain areas of the business.

What a great January. Best one I have ever had and has certainly been the boost I have needed.