Friday, 28 September 2012

R S V P papier in Mitte

I was saving my favourite shop in Berlin until last. RSVP is like nothing I have ever seen before. As you can see it is a very simple design and the shelves are quite special. I never seen so many notebooks and envelopes in such neat little piles.
I also loved how my cards were displayed out of the cello bags so customers can touch and feel the quality of the card they are buying. Each papergood is thought about and treated like a very exclusive item that you must have. Even the little window display is really carefully put together. It taught me what you can do with a small space and some clever shelves.
I am very proud to be in such a wonderful shop. It has also made me see that there is nothing like this in the UK. Sure, there are concept stores that have a bit of stationery but nothing as focused as this. There is a real niche and I intend to fill it.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Brevi Manu

To continue the German are a few photos taken by Andrew of Dear Prudence in Brevi Manu. It was a very exciting tour round the shop and also studio.
I found that Clemens takes better care in organization than I do. He has all my cards in perfect order in an old German School shelf. I should learn a few things from this and get my own stock in perfect arrangement. He has a separate building for wholesale stock and there was nothing out of place.
Brevi Manu was very inspiring and I couldn't take it all in. It made me realize my vision so clearly, that stationery is my focus and path in life. I would love to have my own paper goods shop one day when I have more products.
More photos to come........

Friday, 7 September 2012

Beliefeld- Country Park

The next leg of our trip took up to Beliefeld the home town of  Clemens and his shop Brevi Manu. Naturally we had to visit the country Park, which held lots of little surprises. As you know I am a big animal fan so had to blog some of Andrew's lovely pictures. I have never seen a Raccoon or Beaver up close. I was like one of the many kids pointing and trying to stroke them. Sad, I know.
Wild Boars are a big problem in Germany. Kind of like our cheeky city foxes. They roam round cities and parks looking for their next little snack. Clemens was quite surprised when I told him we had no wild Boars in the UK. I must find out why.
FYI The park is free admission and is funded by the one and only Dr. Oetker who is based in Beliefeld.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Arnhem- The Netherlands

We have returned. This is the first part of my blog sharing our journey from West to East Germany and back to West again.

The first part of our tour took us to Arnhem in The Netherlands. Our German distributor Clemens kindly picked us up at Dortmund airport and drove us through the boarder in The Netherlands. Three countries in one day, phew!
Arnhem was a real inspiration for shops and slow living. There was so much to see and do that the day flew by....

 The architecture in Arnhem is so beautiful. Shops and cafes make a real effort to be different and attract new customers.

We were lucky to be in Arnhem the same day as the markets. I have never seen so many interesting pieces. I only wish I had an extra suitcase to take more home.

This was my favourite shop in Arnhem. It was so wonderful to browse. Their merchandising was so unique. I loved that it was a shop and also a studio so the owner and designer could sell and create in the same space. 

                                                                         Lunch break with Clemens....

Sissy Boy. This is Dear Prudence's biggest customer. It reminded me of Anthropologie. It's a  beautiful concept store and just recently Brevi Manu succeeded in bringing O check graphics and Dear Prudence to all Sissy Boy stores.

Another example of beauty in a shop. This is so much more than a concept store. It is also a haven for customers, friends and clients to come and relax in their garden with a FREE cup of tea in a china cup. The shop can hold meetings, dinner parties and classes here. There is no pressure to spend money. You don't feel hounded as soon as you walk in. It looks like friends work together and have the same vision for their shop.