Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Paperworld in Frankfurt

Here are some images kindly taken by Clemens at Paperworld. Seeing Dear Prudence so beautifully presented makes me feel so proud. I only wish I could have been there myself. To be beside O check graphics and being represented by someone who believes in you work and your goals is to good to be true. 
I really love the long tables and desk lamps. It gives the space a real feeling of a room you can walk round freely and take everything in. It has given me food for thought on how I might re-create my stand for Pulse. It's going to be a very busy February gaining new customers in new countries, finding more efficient ways to handle big orders, getting an online shop and of course planning exciting photo shoots with the new products. List time!!


  1. It all looks great Laura! Clemens has done Dear Prudence proud. Good luck with the organising and list-making. I'm right there with you - it's my speciality! I too am trying to keep on top of things and thinking forward to Pulse also..... Busy busy!!