Friday, 27 July 2012

Lovely things

Been meaning to post these for ages but just haven't got round to it. They are just a few lovely things I got at a antiques fair in North Berwick. I came back with an empty purse but plenty of beautiful things for my collections. I especially love the cloth kit from the 1970's. One day I will frame it. I also love the Swedish water vessel. I have this by my desk and reminds me to keep drinking water.

I had to post the last photo mainly because I am slightly jealous. It's my mum's little hideaway in the garden. I am so cramped for space here and constantly live in a pool of boxes and mess. How great it would be to have a space like this just for drawing and creating.
Do you notice the painting in the background. It's me! It was painted at Art School by my good friend Emma Semple. I wish I could capture people like she does. Everytime I look it I think of all my friends and the fun we had at the GSA.

1. clothkit bag 2. original Etchings by D.Y Cameron 3. ceramic frog 4.Swedish drinking vessel

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