Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Dear Prudence loves London

When I lived in London I found it very difficult to enjoy it. Travelling on the tube to work all week meant I just wanted to relax on the weekend.  Therefore never saw the real London and all it has to offer.
Last week I had two very important meetings in London so had to stay there for the whole week, which I have not been able to do since moving to Yorkshire nearly three years ago. I usually only stay for a couple of days and catch the very fast Hull train to Kings cross.
I am wiped out and spent all my money, but I really loved my time there. My sister and very close friends live in London so we could enjoy dinner together every night, hang out on Broadway market and just relax with eachother. I felt like I was a student again. It was really great.
I gained a lot of inspiration from new shops and areas of London I had forgotten about. I could absorb everything rather than rushing around like a mad woman.
I maybe didn't get to see the David Hockney or Lucian Freud exhibitions but I got to enjoy other parts of London I had passed by before.
It was so nice to come back to my studio and collect my thoughts from the week gone by. I guess that's why I get the best out of London now. I get to leave it behind and escape back to my nest in the Yorkshire countryside.
Thanks to Sara, Katie and Carolyn and Clemens for making my week so wonderful.

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