Thursday, 10 November 2011

Old friends new beginnings

Last week we took a trip up home to Scotland. We went to our friends James and Angharad's annual fireworks party. It was a much needed trip as we had not seen our friends for quite sometime.
It turned out to be like a mini reunion of Art School buddies. It was great to see friends who have ended up having a really successful business. I have realized how much I miss like minded friends who are also going through similar experiences. It can be a lonely old time working for yourself. Keeping motivated to drive a business with dramatic up's and down's can be tough. So it is great to share ideas and experiences with the people you started the journey with.
Angharad Jefferson creates the most unique embroidered cushions and wall hangings. She is a true talent when it comes to drawing with stitches. My favourite is the beautiful owl below.
I was also so happy to see Fiona Douglas director of Bluebellgray. She has achieved amazing things over the last two years being nominated for an Elle Decoration award in 2010. It was great catching up with her sharing all her recent exciting news.
We were talking about Art School days and how different the real world is. I had no idea what I was doing or what I wanted to achieve. We were so young and thought everything would just land on our laps. It was a bit like a cocoon. All safe and warm. We took so much for granted.
Let's hope this will be the beginning of many more visits to Glasgow to see friends studios and exhibitions. You never know I might need to move back up there one day!

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