Friday, 14 October 2011

What a Journey

When I come to London I always stay with my dear sister Sara and her boyfriend Michael. Every time I come down he gives up his bed and sleeps on a blow up mattress! Trust me, I feel bad. So this was again one of the many trips to meet with the Urban Outfitters team on a new, exciting range of mugs. I met Lucy and the girls at many a trade show they showed a keen interest on Dear Prudence and her style. So after a call to come to head office for an initial meeting things took off pretty fast and suddenly I was looking at samples of my drawings on mugs!
On this occasion I was meeting with the web team to discuss press and launching the range.
Sara had no auditions (Actor) so we decided to make a day of it in London town. We went for breakfast to Ginger and White in Hampstead, spied for antiques and while I went mad in a local art shop Sara carried my overnight bag like a slave!
Before my meeting we thought we would pop into Urban to see if there were any new goods to buy. To our shock and surprise there were the Dear Prudence mugs and frames sitting very beautifully for all to buy! I was not expecting this as I thought they would hit the shops in November. I was trying to keep it all quiet but looks like Urban Outfitters got there before me. So hooray!! The secret is out and the mugs are available nationwide and on the website so hurry before they all go. I must say I am very happy with them and they are a great winter warmer for huge cups of tea and your lunch time soup. Or you can do what I have done and have them as a pen holder on your desk.
What a journey! From initial ideas to final outcome it all went pretty smoothly! No manufacturing nightmares at all. It was a real joy to design these mugs for UO. I enjoyed every moment.
This is not the end folks. Dear Prudence will be working very closely with Urban Outfitters in the future. Look out for some great Spring/Summer pieces designed exclusively for UO.
So I am now back in my little corner work space beside my kitchen thinking about new designs, new products for Dear prudence stationery line. I really should get more space for Prudence, she is taking over my home.
So girls and boys.............It's time for tea!!!

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  1. They are fabulous! Saw the mugs in Edinburgh's Urban Outfitters last weekend and will be back this weekend to get one! I love them! x