Friday, 7 October 2011


After nearly the whole of September away from Dear Prudence I feel like I have abandoned her! However in reflection I realize how much I needed a break. Now I feel refreshed and ready to take on new projects and design some exciting new paper goods!
I have got so much to blog and feel very inspired by what I have seen and done in the past month. So expected constant blogs for the next month or two! But firstly I want to tell you how loved I feel right now. My HUSBAND, friends and family have given me lots of cards through September due to many a special occasions. They always say how it is so difficult to find a card designer a decent greetings card. I must admit I am fussy and getting badly designed cards does make me cringe!
Well folks, you have really outdone yourselves! So much so that I have blogged my favourites!!
1.Canns down crimson 2. Snow and Graham 3.Pomegrante 4.Rifle paper co.  5.Sapling press 6. Marc Chagall ( some very special cards and letters from my dear friend Katie)

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