Thursday, 14 February 2013

What an improvement

I was very happy when I received my lovely new gift tags this week.
I have to be honest I was not impressed by the last manufacturer who made my first batch. The paper was not the greatest of quality and they just looked mass produced and tacky. So when my card manufacturer told me they could make them I jumped for joy! So now the card is exactly the same as my greeting cards. And you will be pleased to know that I have added Clyde to the collection of gift tags. I have had many stockists and customer ask for the specific tag to match the wrap. I don't like to disappoint. I will be launching these at Pulse as well as 8 new card designs.


  1. Will you be selling these on your etsy shop, I need some nice paper for a birthday pressie next week. Beautiful designs.

  2. They all look great. Perfect if they're the quality/card stock of your cards. I'm never happy until something is just as I want it either. Coffee soon? In need a bit of creative banter! x