Friday, 4 May 2012

Catalouge 2012/13

I am very lucky to have a very clever husband who really knows his stuff when it comes to Graphic Design. He has kindly been working away on the first Dear Prudence wholesale Catalouge (even when he has other projects on the go) It's not finished yet but here is a little preview of how it looks so far. Andrew took all the photographs and worked on the page layout.
This is the first time I have been able to look at Dear Prudence and see a strong brand beginning to shine through. The catalouges will be made in the UK on uncoated durable paper, with saddle stitch binding. Just in time for Pulse.


  1. Looks fab! I hadn't realised you were a GSA gal, we must have been there at the same time :) (I was S&J, despite my now textile business!)... glad everything is going so well for you, your work is lovely :) Abigail x

  2. That looks great Laura! - I might have to speak to Andrew about a spot of graphic designing.... He looks very handy indeed. See you soon x